About Us

About Us

Mammas Magic is a pioneer company in the category of Punjabi Gravy Mix, Spices Powder, Spices Masala, Whole Spices, Flour, Instant Mix, and Premium Dry Fruits. We follow the principle of giving pure and quality products to provide a superior experience to our consumers. Our all spices are produced with the highest quality of raw materials. With the increasing demand for the Gravy Mix and Instant Mix, Mamma’s Magic launched various ready-to-prepare mixes to help housewives to prepare delicious dishes rapidly.

To meet the popularity of ready to prepare foods, we are expanding to new markets to fulfill demand from different areas. We are committed to producing premium quality products to adhere to the highest quality standards.

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Winning every challenge motivates us to raise our standard and step forward in achieving new goals. We are very eager to grow rapidly by diversifying our offerings in different categories such as instant mix, spice masala, and dry fruits.
Ready to prepare food is becoming an essential need to make your life easy. Therefore, Mamma’s Magic is a prospective brand name that reflects in every kitchen.
To become the prominent company in the ready-to-prepare categories with millions of its trusted customers. To establish happy and loyal customers in every kitchen and make them our brand ambassadors.
We are committed to reaching millions of kitchens and the hearts of people with the utmost quality of products. We are approaching the trail of supremacy by being a leading company of spices and instant mix food products.

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